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Drafting a Last or Living Will

The Importance of Forming a Will

Passing away without leaving behind a will is referred to as dying intestate. In this situation, the court will determine the beneficiaries and distribute your property according to state law. Forming a will before you pass away is essential if you have assets that you would like to make sure go to the people of your choosing. Don’t let the courts dictate your legacy.

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Understanding the Purpose of a Will

Not many people know that a will does more than just designate what item goes to which person. A properly drafted will can do so much more and may be the difference between the correct handling of an estate and a confusing ordeal.

Some main purposes of a will include:

  • Giving instructions: A will allows you to give instructions regarding specific wishes as to how your assets and property will be handled after you pass away.
  • Naming beneficiaries: Dictating specifically named beneficiaries will ensure ownership is inherited as intended.
  • Appointing an executor: The executor is responsible for managing the distribution of your assets. If your will is not drafted or created improperly, the court will appoint someone – an administrator, most likely – as an executor.
  • Designating a guardian: If you have children who are minors, a will can be used to designate guardianship to an individual that you know and trust.

Draft a Will with an Irvine Attorney

A will typically goes through probate after the testator passes away. The court will determine if the will is valid, listen to any objections, and order that creditors are paid. While the court will supervise the process to try to ensure the property is distributed in accordance with the will, oversights and mistakes may happen.

It is best to have an experienced probate attorney help you with:

  • Drafting a will
  • Following its instructions
  • Disputing objections, should any arise

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