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Do You Have a Dispute Concerning a Trust or a Trustee?

People create trusts for a number of purposes, but the most common reason is to avoid probate and keep the financial affairs of a family out of the public record. Despite these efforts, disputes concerning a trust or a trustee’s actions can end up as civil lawsuits in probate court. If you are involved in such a legal dispute, it’s important to secure representation from an attorney who can help.

At Peter Rasla & Associates, P.L.C., our attorney can provide the legal support you need whether you are a trustee accused in a dispute or a beneficiary bringing a claim forward.

Regardless of why you need an attorney’s assistance, rest assured that our trust litigation attorney in Irvine can provide you with personalized representation. This means we focus on the unique aspects of your situation and offer custom-tailored services and solutions built with your goals in mind. When you work with Peter Rasla & Associates, P.L.C., you can keep the best possible outcomes within reach.

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How a Trust Litigation Attorney Can Help

The administration of a trust is a complicated and meticulous process even under the best possible conditions. Because this is a private affair, there is no court oversight for a trustee’s actions. This can provoke suspicion and prompt scrutiny among the trust’s beneficiaries.

Sometimes suspicion is well-founded, especially if the trustee is known by the beneficiaries to be dishonest or ill-equipped to handle such affairs. Other times, however, scrutiny against a trustee is misplaced and needs to be countered to limit the trustee’s personal liability.

You may need assistance from our trust litigation attorney in Irvine if the following apply to your situation:

  • You are a trustee who is accused of self-dealing, mishandling trust assets, or other forms of misconduct.
  • You are a trustee who isn’t sure how to handle a demanding or unreasonable beneficiary.
  • You are a trustee, and a beneficiary is accusing you of inaccurate accounting.
  • You are a co-trustee, and a fellow co-trustee is engaging in misconduct or failing to cooperate.
  • You are a beneficiary who is concerned about a trustee’s honesty or competency.
  • You are a beneficiary, and a trustee is withholding information about the trust or their actions as a trustee.
  • You are a beneficiary and are concerned about the accounting you received from a trustee.

Should you identify with any of these scenarios or if your situation sounds similar, get in touch with our trust litigation attorney in Irvine. During a free consultation, can help you determine your legal needs and even offer additional advice and services to help you move forward.

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Disputes concerning trusts are serious. Because of their fiduciary duty, a trustee can be held personally liable if they are found to have acted improperly with a trust’s assets or breached its terms.

If you believe this occurred, reach out to Peter Rasla & Associates, P.L.C. for a free initial consultation. We can also help trustees who find themselves accused of misconduct and need to protect against incurring personal liability for potentially unfounded claims.

We offer a free consultation to help beneficiaries and trustees alike understand how we can help. You’ll have an opportunity to tell us about our situation and we can explain the legal options that we can help you take advantage of.

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