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Revocable Living Trusts in California

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What is a revocable living trust?

A revocable living trust is a type of trust that gives ownership of an individual's assets to another person. Unlike an irrevocable trust, the conditions set forth by a revocable trust can be altered or terminated at any time by the creator. This is because the transfer of the assets in a revocable trust does not officially occur until after the grantor's (one who created the trust) death. The grantor continues to administrate his or her own estate until they pass away, at which point the property will either be transferred to the named beneficiaries or given to a successor trustee to manage.

Steps to Creating a Revocable Trust

When forming a revocable trust, you must first consider what assets you would like to include. Usually, people include their most valuable possessions such as real estate, insurance, and stocks, because these items tend to be worth the most. Smaller items are typically reserved for inclusion in a will instead of a trust.

After determining the assets to include in your trust, you will then have to select your beneficiaries, who are the people you will transfer your assets to. Once you make these decisions, you can begin drafting your legal document. You are encouraged to work with an experienced trust attorney to verify that your trust is written properly and effectively.

The trust will need to be signed by you (the grantor) and the trustee. After the document has been signed and notarized, your properties and assets will be transferred according to the terms you have outlined.

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