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Irvine Trust Formation Attorney

A trust is a legal relationship in which the trustor holds a property for the benefit of a beneficiary or trustee. Once an individual passes away, their trust is given to the successor trustee who was named in the original trust. This individual will be responsible for taking care of the assets and appointing them to proper beneficiaries. Forming a trust, or handling one as a trustor, can be complicated.

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Reasons for Forming a Trust

Creating a trust is not the same as forming a will. There are plenty of differences between the two that can be difficult to understand yet also useful and advantageous to the trustee.

If you think you might need to form a trust, rather than a will, consider the following:

  • Personal management of assets: Trusts generally feel more personal than a will, as its creator can choose specifically who will help carry out their final wishes and distribute their personal assets.
  • Avoiding probate: Trusts do not necessarily have to go through probate, allowing for a more expedited distribution of assets.
  • Privacy: A will is kept in legal public records, allowing any number of eyes to see them, whereas a trust is not. If you want privacy of your distributed assets, forming a trust can be the right decision.

Creating a Trust – How We Can Help

While a trust may be flexible in the assets it can distribute and the parties it may name as beneficiaries, all that leeway can also cause loopholes if done incorrectly. Failing to establish a proper grantor may render the entire trust null and void. To be sure a trust is created and carried out properly, contact our Irvine probate lawyers at Peter Rasla & Associates, P.L.C.

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