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After the Holidays, What Will Your Debts Look Like?

Overspending and exceptional credit card use can be a recipe for disaster, especially when it leads to overwhelming debt that cannot be met by timely financial payments. This is a problem that is faced by many Americans throughout the country, and during the holidays, it often presents as an increasing problem. One after another – Halloween, Thanksgiving, Hanukah, Christmas, New Years, and more – the festivities that require financial investment seem to pile on top of one another; and although these holidays can seem enjoyable at the time, the aftermath of the financial expenditures that were made can be les than feasibly possible to meet.

A look at past statistics of the holiday spending in 2011, as reported by the American Research Group, shows that the average U.S. family spent around $650 during the winter season on gifts alone. For some, this is $650 more than they could afford, and for others it's $650 more than they had to begin with. Compared to the average family budget, the gift budget that families spend during the holiday season alone accounts for close to 1.5% percent of their yearly spending allowance! To put it in another way: more is spent on gift-giving during one season of the year than will be spent on reading materials and alcoholic beverages combined throughout the year. Additionally, these reports suggest that early shoppers are likely to spend 14% more than average, and Internet shoppers are apt to spend 11% more.

Nowadays, it seems as if the age-old tactics that many shoppers have turned to for decades in order to reduce the costs of their spending during the holidays are no longer trustworthy methods of saving. Even shoppers who stick strictly to the discount racks and clearance sales have been reported to end up spending at least $10 more on average than non-sale shoppers in the U.S. No longer are the rules for budgeting and financially planning as clear-cut as they once were. Around the year – and during the holidays in particular – shoppers are prone to overspending, overcharging, and eventually getting into debt that is over their heads.

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