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East Irvine Bankruptcy Attorney

Are you in serious debt trouble?

There are countless individuals and families who are in financial trouble in the East Irvine area, and at Peter Rasla & Associates, P.L.C., the bankruptcy lawyer is here to help. The federal government allows for those who are unable to pay their debts to get a fresh financial start through filing for bankruptcy.

It is a big decision, but is one of the greatest opportunities available when there is no hope of ever catching up, and you are facing daily phone calls from creditors, letters, legal threats and other stressful issues. At the firm, the East Irvine bankruptcy attorney should evaluate your situation without delay. These issues rarely improve over time, and only get worse, leading to evictions, repossessions, utility shut offs and other terrible situations that individuals and families should not have to deal with.

Meeting Your Needs in a Timely Fashion

If you are wondering whether bankruptcy is the right solution for you, the firm can help. They will return your call within 24 hours, and can evaluate your personal financial situation and help you determine whether you qualify for chapter 7 or chapter 13 bankruptcy. In either form of bankruptcy, you can get relief from the pressing debts you have, but in chapter 7, you have the opportunity to discharge your consumer debt, and you can finally be free of it.

The first step in filing for bankruptcy is the means test, a current legal requirement. It is not advised that you attempt this alone, as errors and omissions can cost you, and you could even be denied the ability to file. The firm can assist you throughout the process so that you achieve all the possible bankruptcy benefits and your life after bankruptcy puts you back on the road to financial health.

You need to get all of your information about the bankruptcy exemptions, the bankruptcy timeline, and qualifying for bankruptcy from a trusted attorney from the firm. Don't accept any information from friends or relatives or from other sources, as there are a large number of bankruptcy myths and you need the truth so you can make a decision that is correct for both you and your family. There are several alternatives to bankruptcy and these should be evaluated, as it is possible that another solution would better serve your interests.

If you are suffering from stress and anxiety from ongoing creditor harassment, are you aware that you may have had your rights under federal law violated, and that legal action could be possible against any collection agency that has overstepped the bounds of the law?

If you are suffering from abuse, the firm can help. We also offer legal services in foreclosure defense, and can assist in the process of discharging your debt, including credit card debt, medical bills, help you avoid repossession, resolve wage garnishment, and if you are wondering why hire a bankruptcy attorney? - these are difficult issues that should not be attempted without legal help if you hope to have success, and the firm is here to assist you.

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