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Blog Posts in 2013

  • San Bernardino Bankruptcy

    || 25-Nov-2013

    San Bernardino, a city located in Southern California, is currently in the process of a bankruptcy after having filed back in 2012. The city filed for Chapter 9 bankruptcy, also referred to as municipality bankruptcy. This form of bankruptcy is used for the reorganization of municipalities, such as cities, counties, school districts, etc. This week they will enter into mediation with their ...
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  • Do You Have to Have a Lawyer to File Bankruptcy?

    || 13-Aug-2013

    While it is required for corporations and partnerships to have an attorney to file for bankruptcy, the same does not go for individuals. In fact, it is totally legal and plausible for an individual to represent themselves in bankruptcy court as they seek to find a solution to their debt problems. It, however, is important to understand the difference between the words "could" and ...
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  • What is the FDCPA?

    || 19-Jun-2013

    The Fair Debt Collection Practices Act (FDCPA) is federal law which was enacted in 1978 to protect consumers and debtors from unfair, abusive, deceptive or harassing conduct at the hands of debt collectors. The FDCPA is part of the Consumer Credit Protection Act, and can be found in 15 U.S.C. §1692. According to the FDCPA debt collectors must adhere to certain regulations and collection ...
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  • How Will Bankruptcy Affect My Credit?

    || 12-Jun-2013

    If you are experiencing extreme financial stress due to financial matters and circumstances beyond your control, it may be time to consider bankruptcy or one of the various alternatives to bankruptcy. There are numerous factors which must be considered before filing for bankruptcy however. One of the key questions clients ask is "How will bankruptcy affect my credit?" In all honesty, ...
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  • Electric Car Company Files for Bankruptcy

    || 10-May-2013

    Advancements in technology can be seen just about everywhere, including in the cars that we drive. One of the breakthroughs in recent years is the electric car and technology regarding it has been sought due to benefits such as a reduced demand for oil and less impact on the environment. Many companies and inventors have taken action to make this idea a reality and electric cars have continued to ...
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  • Visual Effects Company Faces Bankruptcy

    || 13-Mar-2013

    VFX house Rhythm & Hues, located in Southern California has been recognized for its visual effects, even gaining numerous Academy Awards for its work. Its most recent award came just last month when they earned an Oscar for the work they did in the Life of Pi. Unfortunately, hard times have caused the company to face financial difficulty and they are dealing with a bankruptcy filing. Around ...
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  • Don't Let Your New Year's Resolution Slide

    || 11-Feb-2013

    For many people, the beginning of the New Year is also a new beginning in their lives. Many people attempt to start this next year off on the right foot. For a lot of individuals their hopes for change are in regard to their finances. Especially after the holidays it is a time when many people have had to pay for things they can't afford and are left further behind than when they went in to ...
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  • What to Look for In a Bankruptcy Attorney

    || 17-Jan-2013

    Your finances are a defining factor and when you become riddled with debt, you want a professional that can help you find the best resolution in a timely manner. That is why it is important that you know what you should be looking for in an attorney before proceeding. There are many lawyers out there that will claim they can help, but they offer little more than empty words and unsatisfying ...
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