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Blog Posts in March, 2012

  • Reaffirmation Agreements in Bankruptcy

    || 31-Mar-2012

    Reaffirmation Agreements in Bankruptcy: What is a Reaffirmation Agreement in bankruptcy? A person that files for a bankruptcy is called a debtor. If a debtor in bankruptcy has a car with a car loan secured by the car, the bank, finance company, or a credit union that holds that car loan, will ask that the debtor signs the car loan again as the debtor is emerging out of bankruptcy. This makes the ...
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  • Pro Bono (free) help

    || 20-Mar-2012

    On Friday, March 23, 2012, attorney Peter Rasla will participate in a free bankruptcy clinic at the federal courthouse in Santa Ana at 411 W 4th St Santa Ana, CA 92701. The clinic takes place at the clerk's office on the second floor. If you need services of a bankrutpcy attorney and simply cannot afford one, this is a great place to get legal advice on how to prepare and file your petition. ...
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