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Peter Rasla, Esq.

Irvine Probate and Bankruptcy Lawyer

Peter Rasla is an Irvine attorney who has a detailed knowledge of both probate and bankruptcy law. He works with clients personally to evaluate their assets, finances, and all other factors as he develops a strategy that is aimed at meeting their end goals. He attended the University of Houston where he received his Bachelor of Arts degree. He then went on to the Texas Southern University Law School to earn his Juris Doctor. He is admitted to the Texas State Bar, as well as the California State Bar. Attorney Rasla has continued to find solutions in even the most difficult circumstances over his years of practice. He is a driven professional that uses his legal knowledge to provide quality assistance to his clients.

Distinguished Legal Representation in Irvine, CA

Attorney Rasla takes on all types of cases, from individuals needing assistance planning their estate to those struggling with serious debt. He is an advocate for his clients, protecting them as they look ahead to the future. His extensive capability in these fields is a great asset to the individuals that he works with. He makes every effort to receive the best available outcome for all of his clients.

He has had a desire to practice law since he was younger and this drive has continued to be a defining factor. To him each case is more than just the legal matter. With extensive knowledge regarding estate planning in California, Attorney Rasla knows the ins and outs of the probate system. In addition, when it comes to bankruptcy cases, his first-hand experience has allowed him to see the devastating effects of debt, but also the solutions that can be provided through a well-planned bankruptcy filing. If you are looking for an Irvine probate or bankruptcy attorney, do not hesitate to set up an initial appointment with him today to find out what he can do in your case. The firm is able to work with English and Spanish speaking clients.


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